Artist Hand Makes Adorable Grumpy Catipus That Hates The World


You’ve heard of an octopus and you’ve heard of a cat… but until now you’ve never heard of a catipus. Etsy artist Zane Uzkliņģe has invented a Grumpy Catipus that hates the world. Despite the creature’s horrible attitude it is absolutely adorable!

It all started when Uzkliņģe created a crochet and knit octopus gentleman that looks somewhat similar to the hand made toy you see here, but without the grumpy cat element. One little girl fell in love with the idea and asked Uzkliņģe if she could make one just like it but with a grumpy cat face instead.

Uzkliņģe was happy to oblige and got busy creating what is now known as the Grumpy Catipus. It’s always too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry for this permanently angry toy, and no matter how many hugs you give your new friend there’s no putting a smile on the catipus’ face. Regardless, that angry snarl paired with bright blue eyes and 8 legs make me all the more obsessed!

big-melting__880You can purchase the Grumpy Catipus through Uzkliņģe’s Etsy shop called Pomegranate Wolf. The shop is based out of Telford, England and offers more than just awesome make believe stuffed characters. Uzkliņģe’s shop also sells things like pendants, fabric cuff bracelets, greeting cards, and so much more, be sure and check it all out here!

cat31__880DSC_6424__880grumpy-catipus__880Photo Credits: FacebookEtsy

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