Turtle Strapped with GoPro Offers Spectacular Video of the Great Barrier Reef

High Five Turtles

Photo Credit: coolfactsforkids.com

Every wonder what it might be like to be a turtle living near Australia’s Great Barrier National Reef? A new conservation project reveals an amazing turtle’s eye-view in a video of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of earth’s most breathtaking natural formations. Not only is the reef strikingly stunning thanks to the many multi-colored coral that make it up, but this aquatic structure is also home to more than 6,000 different marine species. The green sea turtle, featured in the video, is just one many creatures that lives in the reef.

The bad news is that the Great Barrier Reef is being threatened by over-fishing, manmade pollution, and warming ocean temperatures linked to climate change. Scientists estimate that the Great Barrier Reef will reach a point of unalterable damage by 2030 if action isn’t quickly taken to mitigate the sources of these issues.

The good new is, World Wildlife Fund is helping to do just that with several Australia-based conservation groups. This green turtle that can take you on a virtual ride though the magnificent underwater world is part of their research program that aims to understand how pollution and environmental factors are impacting the reef and the turtle population. Seeing the ocean floor from a turtle’s perspective in this video is a great reminder of what we stand to lose if we don’t step in to protect this amazing ecosystem.