Golden Retriever Puppies Racing For Dinner In Adorable 9-Month Timelapse


There are few, if any, things cuter than golden retriever puppies. The cuteness multiplies when you have two adorable golden retriever puppies running around. Hence why the Instagram cheesepups has gained over 6,500 followers in a very short time.

Bleu and Colby were both born on 7/23/14, and the two brothers are now growing up and enjoying a truly golden life, fame included! Not that they care how many people like their precious pictures, they are too busy playing, enjoying comfy naps snuggled up on the couch, and racing each other to their dinner bowls.

Bleu and Colby’s owner recently posted an amazing timelapse video of the two goofballs dashing around the corner and into the kitchen for their dinner over a period of 9 months. Even though the dogs are growing and maturing (at least a little bit) their crazy run to fetch dinner hasn’t slowed down one bit. And their coordination in the process hasn’t necessarily gotten much better either.

After the heartwarming timelapse video went viral the golden retriever puppies gained thousands of new followers.

Here they come at 11 weeks…


The cutie on the left hasn’t quit figured out the turn just yet; he almost always hits the counter on his way in.

At 29 weeks the coordination around that corner hasn’t gotten any better… gotta love it!


Watch the full timelapse video here:

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Photo Credits: Instagram

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