Gluta Was Rescued From Streets, Beat Cancer And Is Now The Happiest Dog Ever


Gluta, also known as the happiest dog in the world, has quite a heartwarming story of triumph and survival to share. In order to live the happy-go-lucky life she enjoys today she had to endure some tough times out living on the streets, and fighting off cancer.

Gluta’s owner, Sorasart Wisetsin, originally came across the sweet dog on the streets of Thailand in October of 2012. At the time he was living in a dormitory with a strict no dogs policy. He was drawn to her from day one and started giving her food and love. Instantly he noticed how friendly and clean the dog was, which made Wisetsin all the more motivated to find a way to look out for her forever.

Since the dormitory wouldn’t allow Gluta inside, Wisetsin made the decision to adopt the dog and become her official owner. Yet living arrangements weren’t the only challenge this pair would face. After living together for about 2-3 months Gluta became very sick, and started displaying multiple diseases all at once. Gluta was diagnosed with uterus cancer, but her owner wasn’t going to let cancer win and neither was Gluta.

Gluta is now in remission living a beautiful life as a well-loved dog with plenty of followers on Tumblr and Facebook.


Uterus cancer is very rare in dogs, but cancer in general is far from rare in canines these days. In fact over 50% of certain breeds are now diagnosed with cancer.

Gluta underwent chemotherapy to kill cancer cells as well as surgical laser treatment to remove her tumor.  It took one and a half years, but the glow returned to Gluta’s eyes and she got the second chance she so rightfully deserved.


Gluta’s story hits close to home for me; my 5-year-old golden retriever is currently undergoing cancer treatments, and it’s not an easy battle for my family or our dog. Cancer treatments are very expensive, plus they are harsh on the innocent animal. It’s hard to watch your dog not feel good because of these treatments, especially because there’s always the possibility they won’t work.

Gluta gives all dog owners out there going through the painful process of canine cancer treatments hope that the struggles and heartbreak will pay off. After all, just look at the healthy, amazing life she is now able to live!


Gluta’s nonstop smiles are contagious as well as inspirational, especially given everything she has been through.


Look at that healthy dog nose! One sign a dog is healthy is if their nose is moist and smooth, just perfect for smothering humans with wet kisses.


Gluta’s owner says, “She’s never disappointed me. She’s so neat, clever and talented.”


Gluta gets to go on all sorts of adventures each week, and she never stops smiling, no matter if she is wearing sunglasses and a head scarf, or a flower atop her head.


Clearly Gluta is very good at balancing things on her head, including an Angry Birds beverage.


Gluta is the apple of her family’s eye, as well as much of the world over! Gluta has earned over 141k likes on Facebook.


This yellow number might just be my favorite outfit in Gluta’s closet; she rocks the sunny look with such style and grace, I love it!







Gluta is such a friendly gal; she has friends that walk on 2-legs and 4-legged friends too.


With a collar secured around her neck and a loving family to call her own, Gluta will never have to suffer out on the streets again.


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Photo Credits: TumblrFacebook