Photographer Gives Squirrel Little Umbrella To Help It Stay Out Of The Rain


Squirrels are cute little creatures we all adore from afar but few people have the chance to interact with a squirrel, granting these bushy-tailed nut-lovers with a bit of mysterious charm.

Talented photographer Max Ellis has worked with quite a few charming squirrels. In fact, Ellis is known for his awesome squirrel photo shoots, but his latest endeavor is easily among his best.

In the past, Ellis has taken photos of squirrels playing with pumpkins and other unlikely objects. This time around he decided to see what would happen if he gave his backyard squirrels an umbrella on a rainy day.

If you’re like most people you’ve likely never tried, but getting a squirrel to pose with an umbrella is far from easy. As always Ellis figured out a way to reach the little squirrel’s heart, he coated the tiny umbrella in sunflower seeds and peanut butter before hanging it out on fishing line for any adorable squirrel to find.

See for yourself what happens when this popular photographer gives squirrel little umbrella on a rainy day.

squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-4The only problem is that it was raining and squirrels don’t like to come out in the rain. Therefore, Ellis was waiting quite a while for any squirrel to come and take the bait.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Ellis said, “I considered building a covered walkway from their tree because I was getting cramp crouching behind the camera. Fortunately this one popped out and hung around exploring for about six minutes. As the rain got heavier, he was able to shelter for a bit but eventually gave up and headed off home.”

squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-1Max Ellis is a pretty big deal in the world of photography. When he’s not busy snapping out of this world adorable photos of squirrels he is busy shooting for big name clients such as Sony PlayStation, The BBC, Lloyds Bank, Penguin Books and Beefeater Gin.

squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-5squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-4squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-3squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-2Check out another hilariously adorable squirrel photo shoot by Ellis here: Squirrel Tries To Steal A Carved Pumpkin From Photographer’s Backyard

Photo Credits: maxphotographic500pxInstagram