33-Foot-Tall Giant Minion Causes Traffic Jam In Ireland


What happens when a 33-foot-tall Minion blows into town… a chaotic traffic jam! A giant Minion float got loose from its mooring in Dublin (Santry) and caused a few people to be late to work. Although it was a bit of an inconvenience for anyone involved, no one could help but laugh at how the situation looked as it unfolded.

Thankfully, the worst thing that happened was when the giant Minion took out one car’s side view mirror. Besides that, the wild Minion’s escape ended safely, giving everyone the chance to sigh with relief while enjoying a good laugh.

Santry’s City Council members are currently investigating the breakaway Minion to make sure no safety regulations were violated when the Minion was inflated. They are also working to ensure another giant Minion doesn’t take the city hostage again (although many are still hoping one does!).

Prior to its sensational escape, the Minion was spotted being inflated behind bars.

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-1Photo Credit: Rachel

One witness named Erin said, “I’m not sure how it got loose but I saw it… flying across the road.”

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-7Photo Credit: Erin Van Londen

No bars or moorings could keep this crazy Minion caged in… at 33-foot tall it’s not so hard to escape the confines instituted by humans less than half of your size.

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-2Photo Credit: Erin Van Londen

Here is the Minion in full force causing chaos in the Santry area of North Dublin.

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-4Photo Credit: Erin Van Londen

The damage looks worse than it was… the worst this Minion managed to pull off was knocking one car’s side mirror off.

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-5Photo Credit: Erin Van Londen

It was easily the most interesting call local Police got all day… maybe even all year.

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-6Photo Credit: Erin Van Londen

The Minion successfully ran wild for quite some time, but as far as world domination is concerned… it will have to wait till next time…

inflatable-minion-despicable-me-loose-traffic-ireland-3Photo Credit: Erin Van Londen

Support the Minion movement with David Nicholls’ awesome artwork pictured below.


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