A Fantasy Come to Life: Giant LEGO Bricks for Adults to Build Real Stuff

giant legos 1 final

Photo Credit: everblocksystems.com

If you ever played with LEGOS as a kid, you’ve probably missed playing with them as an adult – or perhaps you have, and looked at the tiny bricks and wished that you had a life-size version to create something really cool. Well, now, that dream has truly come to life with giant LEGO bricks for adults.

While for most people, the fantasy is just a fleeting thought, that was not the case for Arnon Rosan. He made his dream come true by creating them. Rosan is the founder of EverBlock, a modular system of full-scale plastic blocks that, like LEGO, stack atop one another and lock together with raised lugs.

Now, adults can have the same fun with EverBlock, a new modular building system of oversized blocks capable of forming fantastic, life-sized creations.

Users of EverBlock can dream big, stacking and organizing to construct walls, room dividers, furniture, shelters and much more. Using four interlocking parts—a full-sized 12-inch block, a half-sized 6-inch block, a one-quarter-sized 3-inch block, and a 12-inch finishing cap, anyone can create functional objects that are both visually appealing and structurally sound without the use of any tools.


Rosan says he came up with the idea after his young son wondered about the possibility of a material that could not only be used to make life-sized items, but could also be disassembled and changed at will. His solution was to supersize his childhood miniature blocks into huge bricks that can be used for large-scale projects, and then be broken down again into reusable, transportable, basic units.


The EverBlock website includes a virtual builder tool people can use to create designs and determine how many bricks they’ll need. The company is also compiling a library of instructions guiding people through some designs.