Couple Documents How Quickly Their German Shepherd Puppy Grows In Only 8 Months


There are two things that are true about every puppy on planet Earth, they are adorable and they grow REALLY fast. Alex Dennison and Ashley Lewis were smitten with their adorable little German Shepherd puppy when they got her at only 8 weeks old. They were also in complete denial that she would grow so big so fast.

Before their very eyes the puppy seemed to be growing day by day. So the couple decided to document Nasra’s growth and upload the photo series to Reddit, it only took a few hours for the couple to realize their idea was going viral.

Alex and Ashley have since uploaded a photo series depicting the puppy’s growth from 8-weeks to 8-months, and the size difference is more than just a little impressive.

In an interview with Daily Mail the couple shared, “When she was younger in particular people would stop us in the street and tell us how stunning she is… always commenting on her size, they’d say ‘Look at those paws, or her head, she’s going to be so big,’ and we’d laugh it off – but yeah, they were right!”

See how fast this German Shepherd puppy is growing… you won’t believe it!

Nasra at 8 weeks old…


To 8 months old!


Full Time Lapse:

The happy couple with their giant dog

german-shepherd-photo-series-nine-month-alex-dennison-ashley-lewis-12german-shepherd-photo-series-nine-month-alex-dennison-ashley-lewis-8Photo Credits: gsdwarmachine

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