Geometric Tattoos By Dr. Woo Who’s Been Giving Tattoos Since He Was 13


Brian Woo, aka Dr. Woo, creates some seriously awesome geometric tattoos. The die-hard ink fanatic has been experimenting with tattoos since he was 13-years-old. He recalls how he and his friend would play around with “stick-and-poking” their legs after school. He said, “I think that the idea of doing something so permanent without thinking about its future consequence gave us a rush.”

While Woo dreamed of ink art, his father dreamed of him becoming a doctor. Lucky for Woo, he was given a shot at his dreams after being apprenticed by Mr. Mark Mahoney at the Shamrock Social Club in LA. This underground hot spot has been full of Hollywood’s most famous faces for many years, including the likes of Johnny Depp, Tupac, and Sex Pistols.

Now, at 33-years old, Dr. Woo’s internship has flourished into a full time career. In fact, Dr. Woo is one of the most in-demand artists working at the extremely popular tattoo shop.

Just last year, The New York Times published a story about Brian Woo, aka. Dr. Woo. They called him “The Tattoo Artist for the Hollywood Set.” The title is quite fitting considering Dr. Woo has tattooed Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne, Drake and that’s just to name a few.

His intricate single-needle masterpieces keep him incredibly busy. Dr. Woo has a 6-month waiting list full of clients anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get one of his famous geometric tattoos.


His favorite tattoo of all is the one that first earned him his fame. “It’s a wolf made up of my constellations – the first time I used my signature circles and lines to create an image.”














His Instagram, where he shares photos of his incredible art alongside photos of his cute little family, has ballooned to over 454,000 followers.


Photo Credits: Instagramshamrocksocialclub,Facebook

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