Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer


Dreaming of getting a pet of your very own but not sure you want to deal with all of the responsibilities that come with a furry new friend? Perhaps one of these wondrous geometric paper animal sculptures will suffice until you are ready for a living, breathing animal that comes with pet deposits (for all you renters out there) and vet bills. Not to mention the responsibility of going for walks every other hour, scooping out a litter box, and making sure the water dish is always full.

German-based artist, Wolfram Kampffmeyer brings animals to life in a whole new way, sans responsiblity. Kampffmeyer creates computer animated 3D sculptures that are too cool looking to be made of paper, but they really are. Paired with the pretty pastel paper Kampffmeyer uses, these animals appear to be from another planet–but in a good way. In fact, this might be the first paper object I have ever wanted to cuddle! Learn more about Wolfram Kampffmeyer and check out his awesome paper sculptures here.


Kampffmeyer is an artist and student, currently studying computer animation, meaning he sees a lot of 3D models representing animals all day. In his own words, “If you are sitting in front of the computer all day watching your virtual models, you start wishing to hold them in your hands.“ And thanks to a spark of creativity we can all hold these pastel creatures.


On Kampffmeyer’s Facebook page titled “Paperwolf,” the paper sculptures are described as: “Handmade paper sculptures and do-it-yourself paper craft kits! Designed by a creative mind, prepared and optimized on the computer- assembled by YOU!”



No bull about it, these paper creations are hands down incredible!


Kampffmeyer’s work can be incorporated into costumes, or used as home decor. No matter how you display one it is sure to get plenty of attention and questions. Mainly–where did you find that?! Or, how did you make that?!



Kampffmeyer’s creative paper animals have been featured in magazines and purchased by costumers all over the world. Want to get your hands on one of these cuddly paper creations? Kampffmeyer’s paper sculptures sell online for around $62 US dollars, or 50 euros. Depending on the size, detailing, and other specifications prices clearly range from here.

Some products can be ordered pre-made and ready to go, but others offer you the option to download, print, and create at home. Sticking with the DIY version cuts down costs for the artist, which helps you save money too.

Real people have successfully made their own paper animal sculptures using the print outs purchased from Kampffmeyer. One young woman recently posted a photo holding the Big Lion she created, which took 3-4 hours to complete. A bit of a project, but a mega cool outcome.


Kampffmeyer’s designs are easy to duplicate, therefore he uses the same overall cut out to create a number of different paper-products including sculptures, post-cards, light fixtures, and more. By printing out the model design you can actually fold and assemble these 3D animals at home–with or without any real sculpture talents.


Even though these creations are made out of paper and for the most part only incorporate one solid color they somehow still have so much personality.


A family of perfectly shapped armadillos  goes in for a shinny red apple–yum yum!


These DIY paper animal sculptures bring to mind a recent post featuring Steve Wintercroft, a talented artist that creates paper masks you can download, print, create and wear all from the comfort of your home. Check out Wintercroft’s DIY masks here. 


Which one of these sculptures is your favorite? I’m on team teal unicorn!

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