Bury Your Kids In Awesomeness Each Night With Geology Bedding That Shows The Layers Of Earth


Geology lessons follow you from elementary school to high school and then reappear again in some college courses. Unfortunately, despite how important the subject is to mankind and the planet we call home, many people (especially kids) find geology a bit of a snore. So what better way to make geology more exciting than to incorporate it with bedtime?!

Retailer Land Of Nod has created an awesome geology bedding set that features the different layers of Earth in a fun, creative way. Perfectly named “To the Center of Bedding,” this set of blankets comes in twin and full size, as well as Queen size for older teens or even adults that want to crawl under the protective layers of the Earth each night.

Depending on the size bedding you require prices range from $190 to $219. Not only will this well-made comforter keep you warm at night but it is also guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about the intricate layers of Earth.

Land Of Nod writes on their website, “Prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other. Well, this adventure actually just involves sleeping in this exclusively designed geology bedding. The quilt features a multi-layered cross section of the earth’s interior, with each layer made from a different material. The result is a unique mixture of patterns, colors and textures.”

geology-bedding-quilt-earth-center-1geology-bedding-quilt-earth-center-10geology-bedding-quilt-earth-center-6geology-bedding-quilt-earth-center-9Photo Credits: landofnod.com

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