17 Funniest Menu Translation Errors Ever


Every restaurant has a unique menu made with the intentions of tempting you into ordering more food, spending more money and all the while enjoying every second of it. Globalization has caused cultures from all over the world to share a love for many different cuisines. As a result, many menus include translations to help everyone understand what they are reading as well as ordering.

Menu translations are incredibly important. After all, if I see an item on the menu listed as “deep fried baby” I just can’t order it no matter how savory it looks at the next table over.

If you enjoy exploring different types of restaurants around the world you have likely encountered a few hilarious translation errors yourself. This list represents the funniest menu translation errors ever.

1. Finally! This Sochi Menu Knows Just How I Like My Ice Cream

menu-fail-1__605Photo Credit: imgur.com 

2. Hmmm… That Can’t Be Right…

Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Interesting Chinese Menu

menu-fail-4__605Photo Credit: ThomasCheng

4. I Prefer My Husband Roasted

menu-fail-3__605Photo Credit: MFinChina

5. Only The Bravest Diners Order ‘Whatever’

menu-fail-18__605Photo Credit: Jeff Mather

6. Everything Comes With Wikipedia

menu-fail-11__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Someone Found This Restaurant Menu In China…

“I’ll have an order of Germany sexual harassment please!”

menu-fail-8__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. Wang Had To Burn But Now You Get To Eat

menu-fail-19__605Photo Credit: olli

9. What Is ‘Chicken’ If It’s Not Real? Who Cares It’s Nearly Half The Price!

menu-fail-441__605Photo Credit: Unknown

10. Yikes… Just Yikes

menu-fail-422__605Photo Credit: Unknown

11. Menu Found In Beijing

menu-fail-28__605Photo Credit: smarcuccio

12. “My Friend Saw This On A Menu In China. He Didn’t Know What To Order.”

menu-fail-15__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Eat Or Be Eaten

menu-fail-31__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

14. “My Friend Is Visiting China And Went To A Restaurant. This Is From The Menu.”

menu-fail-7__605Photo Credit: JNighthawk

15. “The Sushi Restaurant That I Went To Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu.”

Hey, it was a free photo!

menu-fail-10__605Photo Credit: PainOnTap

16. Would You Rather Eat Cat Ear Or Rotten Child?

menu-fail-20__605Photo Credit: Joshua Bateman

17. If You’re Not Into Rotten Children Maybe You Prefer Deep Fried Baby

menu-fail-12__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

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