These Fun Elderly Couples Prove You’re Never Too Old To Act Silly


Age is just a number, it’s how you feel inside that counts. These fun elderly couples don’t let the date on their birth certificate spoil any of their fun.

The best way to beat the clock and stay young at heart forever is to embrace your free, silly side and try new things, even if you feel ‘too old.’ It’s said that our first 20 years of life feel like they last just as long as years 20 through 80. This is because from 0 to 20 you are constantly doing new things and subsequently making more memories, causing time to go by slower. When you are between 20 and 80 your life is more likely to consist of the same routines, this makes time go by much quicker.

The best memories are created when you let yourself go, forget about routine and live a little. Let the fun elderly couples on this list inspire you to realize you’re never too old to act silly and have a grand time!

1. You’re Never Too Old To Try Out A New Hobby…


Photo Credit: reddit

2. You’re Never Too Old To Say “I Do”

This adorable couple was married on the Bride’s 100th birthday, marking an extra special milestone.


Photo Credit: Alex Slitz

3. You’re Never Too Old To Wear A Backward Hat And Use The Middle Finger


Photo Credit: hunterjumper391

4. You’re Never Too Old To Pimp Out Your Ride


Photo Credit: imgur

5. You’re Never Too Old To Cop A Feel Of Your Wife’s Behind


Photo Credit: imgur

6. You’re Never Too Old To Ask The Waitress For Crayons (Thank Goodness)


Photo Credit: Unknown

7. You’re Never Too Old To Put Your Name On Your Favorite Things


Photo Credit: eternityinspace

8. You’re Never Too Old For A Beach Date


Photo Credit: Unknown

9. You’re Never Too Old To Pester The Woman You Adore

“She kept getting on and off the scale confused, and this went on for 7 minutes.”


Photo Credit: terex232

10.You’re Never Too Old To Have A Good Sense Of Humor

This Russian couple has been happily married for 65 years.


Photo Credit: reddit

11. You’re Never Too Old To Ride On The Back Of A Shopping Cart


Photo Credit: RetardedCoati

12. You’re Never Too Old To Sneak Hugs In Public


Photo Credit: reddit

13. You’re Never Too Old For Cosplay


Photo Credit: Unknown

14. You’re Never Too Old To Celebrate In Style

This couple was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.


Photo Credit: qwest27

15. You’re Never Too Old To Wear Matching T-Shirts


Photo Credit: imgur

16. You’re Never Too Old To Sword Fight


Photo Credit: unknown

17. You’re Never Too Old To Share A Ride


Photo Credit: hollyhutch92

18. You’re Never Too Old For The Swings


Photo Credit: funsizedfiend

19. You’re Never Too Old For Synchronized Dance Moves In Public


Photo Credit: brooklynite

20. You’re Never Too Old For 69


Photo Credit: Julija K.

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