Frighteningly Spectacular Extreme Weather Photos

volcano lightning

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Extreme weather is often not only rather terrifying, it can also be extremely beautiful, especially when you’re able to avoid its path. Volcanic lightning is an especially stunning visual. This particular event picture above occurred at Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland, and allowed many people around the world to witness it for the first time in real time and high definition.

Grand Canyon, Arizona


Photo Credit: Rolf Maeder via

This amazing lightning storm over the Grand Canyon is especially jaw-dropping.

Supercell near Booker, Texas


Photo Credit: Flickr: 8979608242

This photo of a powerful supercell was taken near Booker, Texas in June of 2013 by storm chaser Mike Olbinski, in what may have been a life-changing experience.

From Above, near Denver, Colorado

denver storm

Photo Credit: Haley Luna

Denver and the eastern plains of Colorado are often in the eye of the storm. This photo taken by Haley Luna while flying into the Mile High City certain captures the incredible beauty of weather.

Supercell in York, Nebraska


Photo Credit: Mike Hollingshead

This massive supercell occurred in York, Nebraska in 2009 and was captured on film by professional stormchaser Mike Hollingshead.

McCook, Nebraska


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Also in Nebraska, this scene truly looks as if it must be from an apocalyptic, but it was all too real. Witnesses really couldn’t be blamed if they thought the world was about to end.