Father And Daughter Discover Adorable Foxes In Backyard


This father daughter duo was lucky enough to discover a pack of baby foxes in backyard. Philip Wang and his daughter Alice have seen foxes around their 7-acre Princeton, New Jersey home many times before, but one day they stumbled upon something out of the ordinary.

It was a pack of baby foxes slowly waking up and starting to stumble around. They were anxiously awaiting the return of their mother with dinner. Philip and his daughter Alice grabbed the camera and captured these adorable pictures of the active foxes in backyard, as they rubbed the sleep out of their eyes, got up and started hobbling, wobbling and goofing around.


Foxes are found all around the world, with the exception of Antarctica. Therefore, chances are some of you out there have had foxes in your backyard as well.

When I was a little girl we lived in a house with a fox den in the backyard. It was the most amazing experience, I still remember spying through the windows and watching the beautiful foxes frolicking just a few feet away from our home. I wanted to cuddle them but my mom would never let me try.












While it’s easy to imagine falling in love with your own backyard foxes, many people from around the world consider them to be pests. In old folk-stories foxes are often depicted as tricksters. Don’t let the rumors fool you; foxes are adorable, amazing creatures. In fact, around here we can’t get enough of them!

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Photo Credits: imgur