19 Things Every Fox Lover Needs Right Now


If you’re obsessed with foxes you’re not alone, the adorable bushy-tailed creatures have stolen hearts near and far. Some lucky people have a pet fox of their very own, but most of us are left spying on the wild ones or looking at photos online.

Lucky for you, artists everywhere are getting into the foxy craze and creating awesome hats, jewelry, home décor and more that will speak to your inner fox. If you’re a fox lover you are going to want every last thing on this list– you’ve been warned!

1. Zero Fox Given

fox-gifts-15__880Photo Credit: foxandcloverboutique

2. Foxy Mittens

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-10__880Photo Credit: novelopt

3. Three Piece Rings That Fit Together

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-5-3Photo Credit: m e r r y m e

3 Piece Rings Become Animals When Pieced Together

4. Fox Leggings

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-15__880Photo Credit: supayana

5. Warm and Cozy Fox Cowl

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-9__880Photo Credit: Thevelvetacorn

6. Fox Planters

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-8__880Photo Credit: MinkyMooCeramics

7. Foxy Coat To Keep Cute Little Kids Warm

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-1__880Photo Credit: MapleShadeKids

8. Fox Dress Complete With Ears

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-231__880Photo Credit: knickerocker

9. Delicate Fox Ring In Gold Or Silver

fox-gifts-12__880Photo Credit: silverholic

10. Fox Bookmark

fox-gifts-4__880Photo Credit: CoolBookmark

11. Women’s Fox Sweater

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-29__880Photo Credit: Ecattus

12. Ceramic Fox Bowl

fox-gifts-2__880Photo Credit: Barruntando

13. Red Fox Earrings

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-311__880Photo Credit: OOOWORKSHOP

14. Fox Rolling Pin For The Perfect Fox Cookies

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-16__880Photo Credit: HousemateArtist

15. Fox Purse

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-2__880Photo Credit: krukrustudio

16. Geometric Paper Fox Sculpture

diy-paper-sculptures-paperwolf-wolfram-kampffmeyer-9__880Photo Credit: dawanda

More Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

17. The Foxiest Panties In Town

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-13-1__880Photo Credit: knickerocker

18. Geometric Fox Head Wall Decor

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-11__880Photo Credit: Tomasz Ciurka

19. Fox Ties For Your Fantastic Mr. Fox

gifts-for-the-fox-lovers-182__880Photo Credit: ScatterbrainTies

Stunning Fox Art That Every Fox Lover Will Adore

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