This Footage Is Proof That The Ocean Is A Terrifying Place. OMG.


My mind thinks of sharks the moment I wade 2-feet out into ocean waters. But now, after seeing what this fish is capable of doing, I know there are bigger things lurking in the ocean to worry about. Creatures so large they can take down a shark in one swift open-mouth motion.

Meet the giant Grouper fish, a fish that makes headlines for eating sharks. At the Fuzhou Sea World Aquarium in China, a grouper fish ate a whitetip reef shark, and he’s not the only grouper fish with an appetite for Jaws.

Earlier this month a few pals went fishing off the coast of Florida expecting a regular day of reeling in fish and enjoying some down time. Instead, they witnessed a massive grouper fish eating a shark right before their very eyes. This time, the footage of the grouper fish in predatory action was caught on camera.

Grouper Fish have a wide, stout body and a very big mouth. They do not travel well over long distances or swim very fast either, but they still make fierce predators. Instead of biting pieces off of their prey, they swallow their food whole using that giant mouth of theirs. While their jaws do not contain many teeth at all, they have tooth plates located in their pharynx that smash and grind food up.


Groupers like to have a decent place to call home, and so they rely on their large mouth to dig holes beneath rocks at the bottom of the ocean. They take in sand through their mouth and push it out through their gills.

Groupers can also catch a meal using the power of their gills to create a tornado in the water that sucks up any prey in their path. Bon Appetite!



While some groupers are bad-fish enough to eat a whole shark, groupers typically feast on fish, crab, lobster, octopus, and crustaceans. So while this group was out fishing they were shocked when a giant grouper took the shark they had accidentally caught in their fishing line.

The grouper lurking around this boat is a Goliath grouper, but there are multiple types of the fish including the Giant grouper, Black grouper, and Yellowfin grouper. Some grouper fish are smaller in size, but when given the opportunity most grow to be pretty large.


In the image below you are no longer looking at a grouper, but instead that’s an actual 4-foot shark caught up in a fishing line.


In the photo below, you can still see the same shark at the corner of the screen, trying to break free from the fishing line. He may or may not know a bigger problem lurks in the waters just behind him, a grouper fish. The fish’s massive shadow is about to break through the surface with only one thing on its mind: shark for supper.


Groupers are supposed to be harmless to humans, in fact there are no confirmed cases of grouper attacks on humans. Still, after you see this video footage you will wonder how this could possibly be true?! A fish capable of taking down a 4-foot shark so quickly must certainly be capable of taking out a small, 4-foot human. Perhaps the Grouper fish has a big heart after all, and is willing to spare us humans… we can only hope!

The video of the goliath grouper making a meal of a black tip shark was shot in August of 2014, just off the coast of Bonita Springs Florida.

Watch the crazy video footage for yourself! It might be one of the few times you feel badly for a shark.


Image Credits: simplelifedivers, factzoo, youtube, photobucket,,