Flowers Frozen In Time Are Tucked Inside These Beautiful Handmade Resin Bracelets


Fashion accessories, clothing and jewelry commonly incorporate natural elements, but most are made from faux materials. Wearing real treasures found in nature, such as a piece of bark or a real flower brings about a special feeling nothing quite compares to. If the idea of looking down at your wrist and seeing a bounty of fresh flowers makes you smile inside, you will love Oregon-based artist Sarah Smith.

Sarah Smith is the artist behind Modern Flower Child, an incredible shop offering beautiful resin jewelry made from all organic materials.

Every flower is handpicked, dried to preserve, and then perfectly placed within the bracelet. Sarah doesn’t only use flowers; she also uses real feathers, seashells, and more. The results are simply stunning… see for yourself!


This pretty little pinecone bracelet is the perfect addition to any holiday outfit, but it can also be worn all throughout fall, and summer… and pretty much all year long!


Sarah Smith lives with her husband and 2 children on the Pacific Northwest coast of Oregon.


Each flower is perfectly placed within the clear resin, giving a cohesive appearance. All of Sarah’s collections are made by hand instead of a machine; this means there are different notches, bubbles, and other perfect imperfections that make every piece a one-of-a-kind creation.

It’s a lot of work to create each delicate piece of jewelry, and some pieces take as long as 2-3 weeks to finish. She writes on her website, “As you roam through this site picking your favorite design, remember that each piece is one of a kind and completely made by my hands.”

resin-flower-moss-bangles-bracelets-modern-flower-child-sarah-smith-17Sarah creates different kinds of jewelry as well as ornaments, and decorative paperweights that include preserved flowers and even a few crabs. Another popular item that Sarah sells a lot of are pendants, which can be attached by 2 silver plated rings to any chain, string or necklace.

A fresh pop of color is granted with this yellow flower power bracelet.


“The jewelry I make is completely handmade. From design, to pouring resin, curing, to shaping the piece, it can take roughly 2-3 weeks to complete 1 piece.”


Sarah sells her collection of amazing resin jewelry, with forever fresh flowers tucked inside, through her Etsy shop. Sarah also takes custom orders, and will create bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants using whatever plant or decorative element you request.

If you have your own flowers or other items you’d like placed within a piece of jewelry you may send this to Sarah and she will use it to create a whimsical item of your dictation.

You will have to be patient though, due to the popularity of Modern Flower Child, Sarah is currently inundated with orders and not currently taking new requests. She advises to check back later in the week, when she plans to start taking orders again.


Sarah’s collection has earned over 400 5-star reviews on Etsy. Customers most favorably cite the beauty and quality of Modern Flower Child jewelry, as well as the fast shipping. The fast shipping is the most surprising part considering Sarah hand-makes every last piece–along with mothering two children, she must be one busy woman!




Every bracelet is so beautiful in its own way, I don’t know how to decide which one(s) I want. I know I will definitely be ordering at least one as soon as Sarah opens the floor for orders again on Etsy!


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