Five Best Friends Build “Icehenge” In The Middle Of A Frozen Lake


This ice sculpture may look like a fancy thing carved from crystal, located on an alien planet, but it’s not. The beautiful sculpture actually sits in the middle of a lake in Wisconsin, and was built by 5 everyday American dudes. These creative friends put their heads and hands together to create an ice sculpture for all to enjoy, known as the “Rock Lake Icehenge.”

It all started four years ago, when best friends Drew HcHenry, Quinn Williams, Alec Seamars, Kevin Lehner, and Patrick Shields decided to mess around with some antique ice cutting equipment. Apparently, the guys thought it would be fun to test out the life of an ice harvester at the start of the 20th century.

As it turns out, they had more fun than they likely expected. They continued to experiment with their ice cutting skills, eventually coming up with the idea to build an annual “Icehenge” masterpiece.


Last year, in 2014, poor weather conditions interrupted the completion of their project, but this year the guys were able to complete the entire ice structure within two-weekends.

The ice sculpture is truly HUGE, each vertical pillar weighs around 300 pounds, and the horizontal blocks of ice weigh around 200 pounds each. They had to use a lot of muscle power to lift the blocks up and into place.


The first year the men put their ice sculpting tools to work didn’t go so well. For one, they didn’t realize how heavy the blocks of ice would be, and as a result they made blocks that weighed over 400 pounds. At least they were able to transport these blocks of ice from the lake to local businesses so customers could see, but the guys knew they wanted to do something cooler than that the following year.

Over the next couple years the guys worked on building something more enjoyable to view than a simple block of ice. It took some time, but the guys learned more about how to uniformly cut and stack the ice. Eventually leading to the creation of the “Rock Lake Icehenge.”

As the structure began to take shape the men were approached and questioned by a lot of people, and many even offered to help.


Last year was the first time the men attempted to build the sculpture, but nature wouldn’t permit its completion the first time around. Below 0 temperatures and thick snow on the lake kept the first “Icehenge” attempt from coming to fruition. Luckily, this year the weather held out and the incredible sculpture completed.

Lehner said, “We did however begin to appreciate the beauty of the ice especially when the sun is to the west and at a low angle. You can appreciate this effect from shore or up close in the late afternoon on a sunny day.”


The “Icehenge” structure was located on Rock Lake near Bartel’s Beach, just outside the city of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Thousands of people flooded to see the ice sculpture, but as temperatures warmed up the ice began to melt.

Kevin Lehner says that he and his ice sculpting team were concerned for the public’s safety due to the partially melted state the ice sculpture was in. And so they made the difficult decision to tear down what was left of their work. This left some last minute viewers disappointed when they arrived to see “Icehenge” had been leveled to a couple chunks of ice.


Guess we will have to wait until next winter to see these guy’s awesome ice artwork first-hand!

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