Artists Fill Table Cracks With Beautiful Seashells, Stones And Starfish


Seashells are uniquely beautiful and come in a wide variety of colors, types and shapes, hence why they are popularly incorporated in home décor. Woodcraft By Design is a creative woodworking studio in Auckland, New Zealand that has found the perfect way to fill table cracks, transforming ordinary wood pieces into an ocean-themed masterpiece. They fill cracks using those same pretty shells you used to collect on the beach as a kid, along with a variety of other materials.

Raw lumber creates nice looking tables but it is common for this type of wood to include natural imperfections such as cracks. Woodcraft By Design uses shells, stones, leaves and sometimes even bugs to fill in these imperfections. The table is then sealed together with a crystal-clear inlay that allows you to see straight through while maintaining a flat, solid surface you can depend on.

As a result, your table looks more than just perfect but stunningly unique. The inlays used are typically a clear resin that dries hard and is very durable. There are so many different things you can do with resin-based inlays, including creating glow-in-the-dark tables. In fact, you could use just about anything small enough to fill in holes and cracks to give your table an entirely new style.

If you love the beach-theme but don’t live anywhere near New Zealand you could actually duplicate this process DIY-style, using the following images from Woodcraft By Design as your inspiration.

wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-171__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-191__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-110__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-21__700My favorite one of all, I love that huge starfish accented with pearls!

wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-51__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-161__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-41__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-31__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-201__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-181__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-21-1wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-31__700wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-61__700Woodcraft By Design offers a huge variety of uniquely beautiful pieces, including everything from funky coffee tables to stunning guitars. Check out their website to see more of their incredible creations.

wood-inlays-woodcraft-by-design-21-2Photo Credits:

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