Felines Of New York Reveals Cats’ Deepest, Darkest Secrets


Humans Of New York is a popular blog highlighting everyday people on the streets of New York with candid photos and a personal quote about their life. This inside peek into real peoples’ everyday lives fascinates the world, but there’s only one thing missing… what about all of the cats in New York?

Comedian Jim Tews has the puurrfect solution; he has created his own spin-off of the popular blog titled Felines Of New York (FONY). Instead of featuring humans, Tews focuses solely on capturing photos of cats along with personal quotes representing some of their deepest secrets and personal factoids.

Tews started out his cat-crazy project photographing friends’ cats only, but when Felines Of New York started to take off he opened a volunteer form asking people to let him and his camera into their home. He told Aplus, “I thought nobody would be OK with that, but I ended up getting hundreds of responses in a fairly short amount of time.”

What started off as a joke has turned into a pretty big deal. In fact, Tews is scheduled to release a book featuring more than 100 cats and quotes in November of this year, which you can already preorder on Amazon!

1. Learning How To Work The System


2. Career Driven Kitty


3. Destructive And He Likes It


4. Started From The Bottom Now We Here In A Box


5. One Love… People Food


6. Why Vegan Cats Don’t Exist


7. When It Comes To Mice, She Knows What’s Up


8. The Think Tank


9. Living On Cat Time


10. Birds On The Brain


11. True Life: Cats Love Boxes


12. Independent Felines


13. Never Trust A Cat… Never


14. Shy But Mighty


15. Cats Fall In Love Too


16. Even Cute Cats Can Hit Rock Bottom


Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Felines Of New York on Amazon!

17. More Money More Problems

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