The Fantastic Forever Sinking Boat by Julien Berthier


If you see a boat with its tail up towards the clouds, and its nose apparently diving beneath the water, your first reaction is to panic—Help! Someone! That boat is sinking!

But let’s say you happen to look on board and you notice the captain seems calm and carless, even enjoying his view 45 degrees up from the water’s surface, you might start to second guess what you are really seeing.

Julien Berthier likely envisioned all of this and more as he put together one of his wildest creations, a boat that is always in the midst of capsizing.

He calls his apparently doomed work of art, Love Love, and she’s not actually sinking at all. In fact, she’s incredibly stable and has been known to cruise around many of Europe’s famous harbors.sinking-boat-(1)[2]

Julien Berthier is a French-born artist that creates a variety of art, although Love Love remains one of his most unique pieces to date. Berthier finds beauty in making art out of things that are broken, or left behind. He’s all about bringing to life some of the world’s darker things, such as broken dreams.sinking-boat-(8)[2]

And what better way to signify broken dreams than with a sinking ship—especially one sinking bow first!sinking-boat-(5)[2]

Berthier’s original muse for the project was an abandoned yacht that totaled 6.5 meters. Back In 2007, he split the vessel down the middle and added a newly constructed keel so that the former dream yacht now sails at a 45-degree angle.sinking-boat-(4)[2]

Since then, he has earned a lot of attention for this eye-catching creation, a moving ship that appears to be sinking.sinking-boat-(3)[2]

If you’re brave enough to sail around on Love Love, you’ll have to climb onboard using a set of steps attached to the front of the boat. Once inside, there appears to be 2 separate crannies you can sit inside for stability.

Now cut in half, the former yacht is pretty small and doesn’t offer much legroom, although there is room for storage on board! Love Love has a fully functional motor, is easy to maneuver over calm waters, and remains safe even at this awkward angle. Plus, up near the wheel, Love Love offers unique views that one-story boats can’t compete with.sinking-boat-(2)[2]

When Berthier takes Love Love out for a sinking spin, he notices people gawking, looking at him as if he is crazy. After all, his boat appears to be capsizing, and yet he is relaxing on deck, enjoying the blue waters that match up to blue skies. He has even alerted the attention of a few coast guard and harbormasters, causing panic before they realized the ship wasn’t actually sinking.

Perhaps Love Love teaches us all a lesson about how we should strive to deal with stress, just keep going as if your ship isn’t sinking! Sitting docked beside the other upright ships, Love Love appears to be a serious cause for concern.sinking-boat-(6)[2]

Yet you could stare at the boat all year and it wouldn’t sink any further, heck you could even take it out on the water for a spin! Love Love was made to represent the loss and failure all humans encounter at some time in their life, in Berthier’s own words, the sinking ship represents, “lost hope and death.”

Love Love looks like a ship in her final dramatic moments, just about to go down completely, but don’t give up hope just yet, Love Love isn’t going anywhere. Today the boat reportedly resides with a wealthy banker from London who purchased Love Love from Berthier for £50,000.sinking-boat-(7)[2]