Fairytales Come To Life In Magical Photos by Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva


Fairytales are a gift in life, they are the stories that sing us to sleep as children, and light up our dreams. Fairytales insight a love for magic, and romance, while teaching us that dreams really can come true–no matter how many evil step-mothers or step-sisters linger in the way.

Although adults are supposed to grow up and stop enjoying fairytales as much as children, where is the fun in that? Margarita Kareva is all grown up, but fairytales still inspire her everyday job as a fantasy photographer. The Russian-bassed photographer creates the most stunning images, using her imagination paired with the inspiration she finds in fairytales.

Amazingly, it was only 3 years ago that Margarita first picked up a camera and realized her passion for photography. After she began taking photos, she simply couldn’t stop. And after looking at each one of her magical masterpieces you would never be able to guess that her experience ranges less than one decade.

Here are some of the incredible photos taken by Margarita Kareva, highlighting the most realistic fairytales you have ever seen.

Did someone say “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all…?”


Some of Margarita’s photos are lighthearted, and feature princess-like leads that light up the screen with innocence and love. Other photos focus on the darker side of fairytales, crafting witches into the most ideal scenarios.  While dark and maybe even a little disturbing, no photo is barren of beauty.


Margarita uses all types of props in her pictures, many of which are natural elements, like snow, trees, beach sand, and animals too.


These photos seriously take my breath away–talk about the most perfect flower paper art ever! It appears Margarita leaves no detail unturned.


Sometimes, whenever it fits well to do so, Margarita also includes photoshop elements to enhance her photos. This gives her a chance to draw even more attention to certain elements of her photography, causing the images to transform into so much more than paper, ink, and a snapshot in time, but also a living, breathing fairytale.


The color choices used in Margarita’s photography is truly captivating, the bright apples against the pale snow, or the bold feathers of a chicken against porcelain skin. Color contrasts can be found all throughout her work, including (below) the perfect red dress for a mid-winters day.  Because what fairytale character wouldn’t get all dressed up to walk their dog?


So many owls, so little time. Notice every last detail, like the fact that some of the owls have different colored eyes.



Her powers come from her flowers…


From white queens to white witches, no character is left out.


Princess of the flamingos, what’s more magical than hanging out with these bright pink creatures?





This adorable white dog doesn’t care that his lady in red is the evil forest witch, after all dogs love everyone just the same!


What is a fairytale without a white horse?


From the costumes to the carefully selected backgrounds, everything about Margarita’s photos stand out as uniquely magical.



To make this all the more ‘fantastical’ Margaria has said that she, “will make photographs for free of any interesting ideas or people in any country for the accommodation and flight tickets.”

So while it might be cheaper to hire a local photographer, taking a peek at her work makes it tempting to foot the bill for this talented photographer’s travel expenses!


In Margarita’s own words, you must, “learn every day, all your life.” And what better way to learn than through the heart pounding lessons taught through fairytales?


See more of Margarita Kareva’s amazing photos here. 

Image Credits: Margarita Kareva