Stunning Fairytale Architecture of Norway You’ll Want to See in Real Life


Photo Credit:, tnarik 

When most people envision Norway, they picture breathtaking landscapes like deep coastal fjords, soaring mountains and glaciers, but the country is also home to some magnificent fairytale architecture, including Borgund Stave Church and this barn in Valldal, pictured above. The stave church can be found in the village of Borgund, and is classified as a triple nave stave church of the Sogn-type. It’s the best preserved of Norway’s 28 extant stave churches. Barns are an important part of Norwegian history. Lars Petter Olsen Valldal spent years building this functional and picturesque barn bridge in the Valldal Valley that was completed in 1885.

Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall

bridge norway

Photo Credit: Max Rive

Latefossen, one of the most dramatic of the waterfalls in the Odda Valley, is crossed by this wonderful stone six-arched bridge, built in 1859.

Forest Pool

forest pool

Photo Credit: reddit

A century or so ago, someone decided to create this natural swimming pool in the forest near Oslo. While the water isn’t exactly warm, it sure makes for the perfect fairytale-like setting, and for the brave, a very refreshing dip.

At the End of the World

worlds end

Photo Credit: Jorn Allan Pedersen

This area called “World’s End” at the southern tip of Tjøme offers magnificent views towards the Skagerrak and is home to this “basket lighthouse,” created using drift boulders in the 1930s.

Under The Aurora

under the aurora

Photo Credit: Hans Marius Mindrum

This may look unreal, but it’s truly the spectacular natural light show of the aurora that makes it appear to be something out of a fantasy.

Old Seter Huts, Norangdal Valley

seter huts

Photo Credit: SurabayaJohnny99

These old seter huts in the Norangdal valley are actually tiny farms where people used to live during the summer to take care of their craddle stock.