Dramatic Fairy Sculptures Dancing With Dandelions By Robin Wight


While fairies may be mythical creatures, a talented sculptor has managed to create stunning sculptures of the winged beings that practically look like they could come to life at any moment.

UK based sculptor Robin Wight, who mainly works with stainless steel wire, creates amazingly enchanting fairy sculptures, many of which seem to be dancing in or struggling against the wind.

For those interested in learning just how Wight creates his fairy masterpieces, he’s very open about his process and offers explanations of each step in great detail.

After visiting the site of instillation and deciding on a pose, Wight sketches the fairy figure and then converts it into a scale model.

From there, he begins to form the skeleton of the sculpture.fairysculptures-1

A strong steel rod is usually used as a mounting bracket and twisted wire, bent to match the fairy’s size, creates the rest of the skeleton.fairysculptures-4

Different sized wires, starting from the thickest and ending with the thinnest, are wrapped around the frame to form different layers of the fairy.

The thickest wires are used for the skeleton, the next thickest form the muscles and body mass, and the finest create the skin.fairysculptures-10

From there, Wight adds further details, like hands and feet, a hat, and wings.fairysculptures-5

Buried at the center of each fairy’s core is a stone “heart”, sometimes engraved with a special message.fairysculptures-3

The inspiration behind Wight’s stunning fairy sculptures came from a special experience of his.fairysculptures-6

A few years ago, he was trying out a new camera in the woods at the bottom of his garden.fairysculptures-7

He snapped a picture that didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary at the time, but later, when reviewing the photos, it revealed something odd.fairysculptures-8

In the trees, Wight spotted what looked like a strange fairy-like figure posed on a branch. He labeled it as a trick of the light, stating, “what else could it be?”.fairysculptures-11

Nevertheless, even though the figure may not have been a real fairy, the image captured his imagination and inspired him to use the idea in his sculptures.



Much of Wight’s artwork is on display at Trentham Gardens, formal Italianate gardens that are part of an English landscape park in the Trentham Estate of Trentham, Staffordshire.fairysculptures-13

Unsurprisingly, the whimsical sculptures have become some of the most photographed features in the gardens.fairysculptures-14

However, for those who wish to have a fairy looking overlooking their own property, Wight also creates sculptures for private clients.