16 Neat Things Every Elephant Lover Needs

elephant lovers

Elephants are huge creatures with equally big hearts and brains, hence why so many people are gaga for these gentle giants. Elephants have been documented showing humor, grief, compassion self-awareness, cooperation, tool-use, playfulness and swift learning abilities. This is largely related to the large size and many complex folds of the elephant brain, more advanced than any other animal except for whales.

Elephants have the most developed hippocampus, the brain region that controls emotion and spatial awareness, than any other animal. Interestingly, studies have found elephants are superior to humans when it comes to keeping track of multiple objects in 3D space.

Humans, Neanderthals and elephants are the only mammals known to carry out death rituals. When an elephant passes away the entire herd digs a shallow grave for the deceased friend, covering him or her with dirt and branches. The elephants are known to remain around the grave for days, as well as show signs of depression. If all of this information doesn’t make you an elephant lover you must be cold as ice!

To all my fellow elephant lovers out there, get ready to want every last awesome thing on this list.

1. Elephant Paper Lantern String Lights

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-8__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

2. Salt & Pepper Shakers

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-5__605Photo Credit: modcloth.com

3. Baby Elephant Bookmark

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-3__605Photo Credit: blanc

4. Elephant Ring That Hugs Your Finger

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-44__605Photo Credit: luulla.com

5. Multi-Purpose Storage/Drainer

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-14__605Photo Credit: Peleg Design

6. The Cutest Cookie Cutter

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-19__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

7. Love Shower Curtain

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-17__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

8. ‘Elephant In The Room’ Wall Plug Accessory

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-28__605Photo Credit: Gal Bulka & Idan Noyberg

9. Rolling Pin

1437559036-482__605Photo Credit: monwic

10. Elephant Planter

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-9__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

11. Mini Elephant Bookshelf

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-25__605Photo Credit: Unknown

12. Elephant Tea Strainer

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-35__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

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13. Humane Elephant Wall Trophy

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-43__605Photo Credit: fancy.com

14. Mom And Baby Elephant Bookends

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-36__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

15. Measuring Cups For The Elephant Lover’s Kitchen

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-42__605Photo Credit: buddingbaketress.blogspot.lt

16. Elephant Mug

gifts-for-elephant-lovers-1__605Photo Credit: worldmarket.com

Learn more about elephant conservation and find out how you can help these beautiful giants here!

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