Florida Beach Heroes Miraculously Save Drowning Dog By Using CPR

drowning dog

Photo Credit: Ignacio Torano via Daily Mail

Just when you being to doubt humanity, good news reveals the world really isn’t such a bad place after all. Not only did one woman with a big heart come through in a big way, several others stepped in too, miraculously saving a drowning dog by using CPR.

At a dog beach in Tampa, Florida, a yellow lab named Zena had gotten herself too deep into the waer after going in to chase a ball, and started to drown. A woman nearby noticed what was happening and instantly ran to Zena’s rescue, pulling her out of the water and immediately began CPR.

Another volunteer stepped in to help by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as a crowd quickly gathered around the dying animal while the pair desperately battled to keep the dog alive.

A woman can be heard shouting: “Come on Zena, come on my girl,” as they continue pressing on her chest.

One man leaned down and gave Zena the kiss of life, putting his mouth to hers to try and bring her back. Luck was on Zena’s side, as area fire fighters happened to be passing through right at the same time and came over to assist with an oxygen mask.

Captain Tim Hayes told local news, “We were able to use one of the human masks to put over the dog to make it work, but our rescue cars carry the special equipment for the dogs.”

A moment later, the crowd cheers as Zena sits up on the beach. Other dogs that had been pacing around as people tried to help Zena suddenly started running, and one began barking as if in celebration toward the end of the footage.

Other onlookers cheer as one shouts “she’s sitting up, she’s getting up” and another woman can be heard saying “thank all of you” after they bring Zena back to life.

Watch the event unfold here: