Drone Video Captures Magical Humpback Whale Spouting Rainbows

whale rainbows

Photo Credit: YouTube

A drone video captured some rather stunning footage of a humpback whale spouting rainbows off the Southern California coast recently- right out of its blowhole. While it sounds like something out of a cartoon or a Disney flick, it’s actually something that occurs more often than you might think. The video was taken by Mark Girardeau, a photographer and wildlife naturalist based in Orange County, while his friend, Royce Hutain, drove the boat.

Hutain told The Huffington Post that while it isn’t all that rare to see a whale spouting rainbows, it’s the “way it appears to come out of the blowhole and the angle of the shot make it extra special.”

“Also,” he added, “this is clearly a magic whale with special powers.”

Whether you want to take him literally or not is up to you, of course. But it’s fun to imagine the possibilities.

You can see the whole thing here:

Girardeau filmed the majestic creature on July 5th, about 2 miles from the shores of Newport Beach, operating one aerial camera while another videographer, Jason Anderson, flew a second drone.

Hutain said they actually saw many rainbows that day from the whales, but capturing the perfect moment depended on what side they were viewing the whales from and where the sun was.