Doug The Pug Recreates Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest Selfies And The Internet Can’t Tell Who’s Who… Can You?


Doug the Pug has everything going for him, a handsomely squished face, a loving family and over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Doug, also known as the ‘King of Pop Culture,’ is from Nashville, Tennessee, where he spends his days living the good life of a famous dog.

Mashable recently asked Doug to recreate photos of Kim Kardashian; the results are too good to be true. Once Doug the Pug puts on a long black wig and starts batting his big pug lashes it’s hard to tell who’s who… is that Doug, or is that Kim Kardashian West? At least that’s what the Internet is asking.

The inspiration behind Doug’s fabulous photos is Kim’s “art book” titled Selfish, which is really just a book full of 300 selfies featuring, you guessed it, Kim K herself. In honor of Kim’s latest contribution to society, Mashable teamed up with the popular pug named Doug, inviting him to the studio for a day full of recreating Kim’s endless selfies.


With help from one stylist team, two dog handlers and a lot of treats Doug’s selfies came out even better than expected. In fact, he looks so much like Kim K. it’s hard to tell who’s who… if you’re having troubles look for the cuter of the two, and that’s Doug!

doug-the-pug-recreates-kim-kardashian-selfies-2If Doug’s selfies were made into a book it would clearly get better reviews than Selfish… which 70% of buyers give a 1 star.

doug-the-pug-recreates-kim-kardashian-selfies-5Doug says: “Get me outta here, these people are NUTS!”

dougthepug-8_720Doug the Pug has a life outside of Kim Kardashian impersonations; you can follow along on his many adventures via Instagram!

Photo Credits: FacebookInstagrammashable