Meet This Domesticated Baby Red Fox, AKA The Sleepiest Pet Ever


All foxes are cute but not all foxes are famous, the domesticated baby red fox Rylai is both. Rylai is a rising star on Instagram and Facebook, where you can follow along with her daily adventures filled with eating, obedience training, play time, snuggles and you guessed it… plenty of sleeping!

Rylai is a domesticated fox but she is not a Siberian fox, which are commonly bred as pets in Russia for their calmer, more dog-like personalities. Despite her wild roots she makes a super sweet pet. Breeders attempting to domesticate American foxes raised Rylai before she was placed with her current owner. She is multiple generations removed from her wild ancestors.

Rylai helps raise awareness to the slaughter of foxes for their fur. Seriously, who could ever kill this precious fox for a silly coat, especially when there are so many other fashion options?

Rylai was born in April of this year (2015) with blue eyes, which will eventually turn to a darker shade within 7-9 weeks. When she is full-grown she will weigh around 15 pounds.


The name Rylai originates from the DOTA2 hero Crystal Maiden, and is pronounced Rye-Lie.

rylai-siberian-fox-red-silver-pet-domesticated-11Her owner shares on Facebook that when Rylai is sleepy she makes a sweet noise that sounds like a purr. When she gets angry or frustrated she makes a little huff or hiss sound. When she wants something, like out of her crate, she makes a whine that sounds like a monkey or bird. She also barks, squeaks, squeals and makes a number of other noises.

rylai-siberian-fox-red-silver-pet-domesticated-3-605x605Interestingly, fox kits develop faster than baby kittens and puppies; by 4-weeks-old they already have a full set of sharp, albeit miniature, teeth.

rylai-siberian-fox-red-silver-pet-domesticated-4One day in the future Rylai’s owner may consider getting another fox for her to play with, but right now she is just focused on raising Rylai to the best of her ability.


Photo Credits: FacebookInstagram

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