Perfectly Timed Pics That Make Dogs Look Like Giants

giant dog

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While you might think that giant dogs have invaded our planet – or someone was just having a good time with Photoshop, the reality is neither – these perfectly timed images that make dogs look like giants, is simply an illusion. The photos create the illusion of enormous size through intentional or accidental use of mixed distances without clear reference points. Pictured above, though some viewers commented about the lack of a shadow leading them to believe it’s the work of photoshop, it is real and part of a rapid series of the dog running to the photographer while he was low to the ground. The shadow is below the field of view.

Giant pug and hobbit lady

giant dog pug

Photo Credit: reddit

This interesting photo of a lovable pug just hanging out and enjoying some sun, was likely created by using a long focal length lens to achieve distance compression, combined with a very small aperture to keep everything in focus.

Giant dog terrorizes Golden Gate City

dog SF

Photo Credit: reddit

Watch out San Francisco, apparently a Redditor photographed a giant dog terrorizing the city.

Clifford, The Big White Dog


Photo Credit: Jack

The real life, white version of Clifford, The Big Red Dog.

Giant Airedale

giant airdale

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This photo of a dog named Murphy was taken using forced perspective, a technique frequently used at Disney theme parks.