Dogs Can Be Dicks Too: Canine Convicts Caught On Camera


We often give cats a hard time for being evil, sneaky little felines but the truth is dogs can be dicks too. Cats are always trying to warn us about this fact, but dogs are too adorable to distrust.

For the most part dogs are sweet, cuddly and down to please, but no dog is perfect. All dogs have their devilish moments, and the 28 canines on this list got caught on candid camera, proving even the sweetest animals know how to get into trouble.

1. Baby Husky Climbs In Toilet 

“Left my baby husky alone for a minute and I come back to this.”


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2. Glad You’re Home, Someone Broke In And Destroyed The Kitchen


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3. That’s Gonna Leave Behind A Smell…

The first day with the new puppy quickly turned crappy for this dog owner and her appalled passenger (and friend) who took the picture.


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4. Everyone Knows Dogs Don’t Really Eat Homework (Muahaha)


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5. Hello, Cat… I’m Going To Sit Right Here Because I Said So


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6. Must. Reach. Mommy.

Chewing through the door like it’s a piece of cake!


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7. This Looks Like A Good Place To Go Pee

Bye, bye laptop… you may never work the same again, which might mean more attention for the peeing pup. Is this puppy smarter than her small size and poor potty habits suggest?


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8. Yuck, He Stinks!

This cute puppy says, “Oh be quiet child, I like the view from your seat best.”


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9. Who You Calling Butt Face?


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10. Someone Forgot To Let The Cat Out… HA. HA. HA!

You can bet this dog isn’t going to help the kitty find a way outside, at least not without poking fun beforehand.


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11. Three Is A Crowd…

“If we get rid of her, just think about how much more attention (and treats!) we will get!”


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12. I Don’t Know Where My Brother Went…

This Shiba is great at covering up crime… sort of.


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13. Yes, This Is My Human And I Am In Charge Of Us Both


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14. Don’t Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It’s Raining


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15. There Was A Spider, But I Got Rid Of It Like A Good Dog


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16. What? It’s Cold In Here


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17. Kitty Cats Make The Greatest Pillows

I hope this kitty doesn’t mind a little drool from that big tongue!


Photo Credit: Dona Minúcia

18. My Parents Won’t Buy Me A Pony So This Cat Has To Make Do…


Photo Credit: Bill Killillay

19. Welcome Home, Did Some Redecorating While You Were Away…


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20. I Didn’t Do It, I Swear!

Look at those eyes… and those steaks!


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21. GET. OFF. OF. ME….. I Can’t Hear You


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22. I Confess To It All!

This dog had 10 minutes of pure bliss fun… and then mommy came back in the room.


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23. Eats Shoes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

No soul sole is safe around this devilish shoe-eating dog.


Photo Credit: Juwelz

24. Which Of These Canine Convicts Appears More Guilty?


Photo Credit: unknown

25. I Didn’t Eat The Whole Box Of Lorikeet Food… What Makes You Think It Was I?


Photo Credit: Rubyblue

26. Maybe If I Lie Here All Cute They Won’t Notice I Ate More Of The Couch


Photo Credit: Каролина Георгиева

27. Do We Need To Take This Outside?!

Talk about one badass doggy!


Photo Credit: serrano1989

28. Caught Red-Faced And Red-Pawed


Photo Credit: Joy Offord

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