Hilariously Expressive Dog Portraits By Elke Vogelsang


Dogs are sweet, funny and full of life. Talented photographer Elke Vogelsang captures everything that makes a dog special with her latest hilariously awesome dog portraits.

Hildesheim, Germany-based Vogelsang loves to include her three dogs in on the fun, taking snaps of Loli, Scout and Noodles, better known as her fabulous models or her “photography companion dogs.” Her three gorgeous pups are more than happy to hang out, make silly faces and play dress up while mom takes the most expressive dog portraits ever.

The self-taught photographer is a true dog lover who aims to capture photos of dogs in their most candid moments, allowing their true personalities to shine through. “It is my ambition to show my verve and my love through my photos thus creating truly individual and impressive pictures, that elate you the same as me when I am on the set.”

expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-10Although Vogelsang is slightly partial to her own trio of cutie-pies, all of which make great models, she also takes equally awesome photos of other dogs. Vogelsang occasionally takes photos of pets waiting to be adopted in hopes of helping them find a new home sooner.

She writes, “In order to ‘pay it forward’, I provide my photographic services free of charge for chosen animal protection organizations.” After all, she’s a big advocate for animal welfare and dog adoption. All three of her canines were adopted in Spain.

expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-3expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-2Vogelsang writes, “My favourite artist is nature, which I try to imitate while adding my own personal view of life, the universe, and everything in between.”


Vogelsang published an awesome book of dog portraits you can buy here.

expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-13expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-6expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-9expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-15expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-5expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-3expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-18expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-14expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-16expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-11Sometimes the talented photographer and mother of 3 dogs focuses on taking more serious portraits, but her latest series is all fun and games. Check out Vogelsang’s website, Facebook and 500px page for more stunning dog portraits.

expressive-dog-portraits-elke-vogelsang-20Photo Credits: 500pxwieselblitz.deFacebookFlickr

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