This Dog Opens The Window For Customers At A Small Cigarette Shop In Japan


Sure, your dog may be able to beg, shake, and play dead…

But can it open a shop window and greet arriving customers?

Didn’t think so.

A friendly dog in a small shop in Japan can though, making his cute and fury face the first thing people see when they stop by the store.



The Shimada Cigarette Shop, a small store in the Musashi-Koganei railway station in Tokyo, has the absolute best salesman ever – a dog that greets customers by opening up the window to the shop. The friendly canine is a Shiba Inu named Suzuki who lives in the shop with his owner. He’s trained to open the window when people approach the store, and does an impressive job at it.


Until, that is, all the window opening wears him out and he takes a nap. But that only gets him rearing and ready for action when the next customer rolls around.


Suzuki attracts both tourists who’ve heard of the dog and regular customers who stop by for a pack of cigarettes or a magazine (and, of course, to be greeted by the adorable shopkeeper).dog-shopkeeper-1


In an amusing video below, posted by YouTube user Yu Kuwana, you can see the dog in action yourself, without having to fly all the way to Japan. Yu Kuwana certainly knew about the dog greeter beforehand, and stops by to show off his talents.


When approaching the shop, you can see Suzuki resting in the lower portion of the window. But that doesn’t mean he’s off duty. After chiming the bell to alert the dog, it hardly takes a moment for Suzuki to pop up on his hind legs and move the sliding glass shop window open with his paw. He alerts the store owner by doing so, and she takes his place at the window, also allowing him a treat for a job well done.


Now, if only she could train him to man the register and deliver change as well…

Wouldn’t we all love to be greeted in stores by adorable tail-wagging dogs?

Photo credit: Youtube