Dog Gets Stuck in a Bush and Pretends Not to Care

dog in bush

Photo Credit: @yamamochi223

A Shiba Inu dog gets stuck in a bush – and was caught in the act on film, looking as adorable as ever, as if it didn’t have a care in the world. One would think, a dog stuck anywhere would be struggling to get out and barking for help. But this dog, just continues to smile like nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

It was a Japanese Twitter user who uploaded the images of the Shiba Inu on Twitter last week with a caption that translates to, “It’s stuck!” The tweet with the three images has since been deleted from the account of @yamamochi223, but the photo has been retweeted 12,259 times and favorited 11,751 times on the original post.

The incident occurred on August 17 as the Twitter user was walking around and noticed the dog in its strange predicament, seemingly enjoying his spot while watching passersby on the street.

There is no word as to how long the dog was there, but the good news for this type of pup is that they don’t need to take a bath very often, as Shiba Inu dogs always groom themselves by licking, much like a cat. They also have coats that repel dirt, so they don’t get as much dirty as other dog breeds.

Shiba Inus are also well known for their happy looking faces that look as if they’re always grinning.