Photographer Focuses On Disabled Cats To Prove They’re Just As Pawsome As Any Other Cat


Talented photographer Monika Malek is using her talents to highlight the beauty of disabled cats. Her photographs prove that disabled or not, cats are all the same amazing creatures in need of love, cat-nip, and scratching posts.

Malek writes via Bored Panda, “I wish to change the way people think about disabled cats. I wish to change the mind set of dividing cats into categories of worse and better, and hope that people would treat disabled cats normal. Not special, not worse but, simply, normal.”

Malek hopes that her latest photo project changes at least a few perceptions about disabled cats. “It doesn’t matter whether a cat lacks an ear, tail or eye, if it has leukemia or any other disease. It is still a cat. It still purrs…”

Malek works to capture photos of disabled cats in the midst of their most typical feline moments. “I have tried my best to capture the fact, that regardless to their disabilities, their behavior is just like that of any other cat’s. Inability is a state of mind. They don’t feel worse so why would we treat them as such?”

Malek’s famous caption following each beautiful photograph “…but I am still a cat.” 

“My name is Szafir. I am 2-years-old. I don’t have one eye, but I am still a cat.”


This is one-year-old Amber, she is missing one eye but she is still 100% cat.

IMG_2520__880Citek is 6.5-years-old and missing one eye, but acts just like any other cat, nonstop self-cleaning included!

IMG_3844__880Meet Kazik, a 5-year-old feline missing one front leg but still capable of all cat-like things… like climbing on forbidden countertops and anything else.

IMG_0138__880 Simba is 1.5-years-old; even without a leg this cat remains an active feline.

IMG_2023__880This is 5-year-old Cmyk. She can’t hear but that doesn’t hold her back.

IMG_6173__880“My name is Kumiko. I am 7-years-old. I don’t see at one point, but I’m still a cat.”

IMG_4782__8805-year-old Ficus is missing one leg but he is still a wild and crazy cat!

IMG_0247-3__8808-year-old Marcel has leukemia but he is still a regular cat who very much enjoys having his head scratched.

IMG_4575__880“My name is Rufus. I am one-years-old. I don’t have a tail, but I am still a cat.”

IMG_4942__880Two-year-old Lulek may have short feet but is still an everyday normal cat.

IMG_4775__880One-year-old Sherlock is missing an eye but still a cat obsessed with catching things on strings.

IMG_3168__8809-month-old Shia is missing a tail but that doesn’t hold her back from being a puuurrrfect kitty cat.

I-am-still-cat-__880“My name is Kiara. I am 9-years-old. I have leukemia, but I’m still a cat.”

IMG_5230__8802.5-year-old Keiko is missing one leg but still enjoys hiding in boxes and all other cat-like things.

IMG_5294__880“My name is Rapidka. I am two-years-old. I don’t have one eye, but I’m still a cat.”

IMG_6078__8802.5-year-old Kacper is deaf but still knows if you’re talking smack… after all, he’s still an ordinary wise cat.

I-am-still-cat-1__880Photo Credits: Facebook

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