Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp Adopts an Orphaned Bat

jd and bat 2

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Donning his full-on Jack Sparrow costume, Johnny Depp adopts an orphaned bat and is melting hearts around the world after being captured on film bottle feeding the adorable creature named “Jackie Sparrow.”

The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center posted a sweet video of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star getting to know his new pal. The bat was wrapped in a green blanket and took sips out of a teeny tiny yellow bottle.

The center explained, “Johnny Depp caught up with us again last week for an update on little Jackie Sparrow (the orphaned bat he is sponsoring). Here is a video of Dad bottle feeding his little orphaned baby. It’s so fantastic to see him showing a genuine interest, and helping us raise awareness for bats!”

See for yourself here:

“To fall in love with them,” Johnny is seen saying in the brief clip, admiringly watching little Jackie enjoying her feed.

The actor seems to be taking his daddy responsibilities very seriously. The baby bat was teething, according to a clinic staff member on hand.

“That’s why she wants that dummy so much,” Johnny said, nurturing the animal and continuing, “there’s more in there sweetheart, there’s more in there.”

Earlier this year Trish Wimberley, Director of the Australian Bat Clinic, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail that Depp had pledged his movie star money to sponsor a baby rescue flying fox. She was named Jackie Sparrow because of her sparrow-like qualities and the Hollywood actor’s close proximity – the tiny mammal was found injured in the recent Queensland storms.

“Johnny Depp is only about 15, 20 minutes from here [filming] so I said we should call her little Jackie Sparrow,” recalled Wimberley.

The team then contacted Johnny’s publicist to see if he minded them borrowing the name.

“He was very interested in it [Jackie Sparrow] and so we asked if Johnny would like to sponsor her, because we do sponsor little babies and he said yes,” Wimberley added, noting, “We’re going to be sending Johnny an adoption certificate and little update photos, which is what we normally do with our sponsors.”

She also said that the center was “very lucky” to have the actor’s support.