Video Footage Reveals Deep Blue, The Largest Great White Shark EVER Caught On Camera


Padilla says that it is common to see pregnant sharks close to shore because they give birth in shallow waters.

Deep-Blue-great-white-shark-2Deep Blue isn’t the only massive great white shark researchers have encountered. Padilla writes, “During November and December, we have seen several White Shark pregnant females like DEEP BLUE in Guadalupe Island feeding on seals, satisfying their needs to feed their pups.”

1297735920176_ORIGINALPadilla hopes that this video will prove sharks are not the monsters they are often made out to be. There’s a reason they are known to bite off limbs instead of eating entire humans, it’s because once they realize you’re human they are uninterested. The better we understand shark behavior the more we can do to work alongside them instead of against them, reaching a place where people don’t have to fear the big-toothed giants of the world’s oceans.

Watch the full video below:

Photo Credits: Mauricio Hoyos Padilla (h/t: ABC News)

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