Animals Evolve Out Of Their Skeletons In Dark Drawings By Paul Jackson


Dark drawings are not for everyone but the type of darkness portrayed in these drawings resides within us all. Every human and animal has a skeleton full of organs just waiting to escape, at least according to talented artist Paul Jackson.

Originally from Britain, Jackson now lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Some of his latest dark pen and pencil drawings include an array of animals (and some humans too) melting out of their skeletons, and sometimes organs, making it appear as if they are physically separating in layers.

The somewhat gruesome dark drawings are saved by the extremely intricate details that make them appear more like an anatomy lesson as opposed to a gory nightmare.

Jackson has always been a creative spirit, and has been drawing since he was only 5-years-old. From a young age he felt in his bones that he would draw for the rest of his life. He toured with a band for 8 years, all the while drawing designs for them. After the band split up it appears destiny led him back to the drawing board full time, right where he belongs.

animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-3Jackson pushes the barriers of black and white as far as he can, creating skulls that are literally tearing out of faces, with organs just ahead. His drawings make rapid bone extraction something new to fear, although the animals left behind in his drawings don’t seem to mind one bit.

animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-6His drawings highlight the many layers that make up humans and animals, our external bodies, internal skeletons and organs, as well as our soul. Keeping all parts aligned is the tricky part.

animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-4animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-10animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-13animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-16animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-12animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-11animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-14You can follow Paul Jackson on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see more of his awesome dark drawings.

animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-5animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-7animal-skull-drawings-paul-jackson-9Photo Credits: FacebookTwitterInstagramCartel

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