Daredevil Slackliner Breaks World Record in Incredibly Gut Wrenching Event

spencer seabrooke

Photo Credit: Zachary Moxley via Huffington Post/YouTube

For some thrill seekers, extreme sports like base jumping and skydiving aren’t just heart-pounding enough, including daredevil slackliner Spencer Seabrooke.

spencer seabrooke2

Photo Credit: Zachary Moxley via Daily Mail/YouTube

The adrenaline junkie set a world record for the longest free solo slackline, covering 210 feet between two cliffs in Squamish, British Columbia. With the snow-capped mountains and beautiful forests of the region in the background, he certainly chose an impressive location for his record breaking challenge.

The Vancouver, B.C. native was 951 feet above ground and walked across Chief North Gully without any safety lines or nets to break the previous world record of 180 feet set by Andy Lewis in 2011, according to numerous media reports.

Slacklining, which is essentially extreme tightrope walking, is Seabrooke’s rush of choice. On August 2, the 26-year-old made his way across the slackline, surviving a couple of harrowing moments when he fell onto the line and held on for dear life, forcing him to start over each time.

Speaking afterwards, he told the Huffington Post what motivated to keep doing the dangerous sport: “Without a doubt, it’s the fear of falling that keeps you alive.

“There’s no lines at all, so if I hadn’t caught the line in those moments, I would’ve been mashed potatoes after a seven-second free fall.”

It’s so gut wrenching that it’s rather difficult to watch, but you can see for yourself here: