This Dad Has Tattooed His Son’s Drawings Since He Was 5 On His Own Arm


Keith Anderson, an awesome dad from Ontario, Canada, has been keeping up with the coolest tradition ever between he and his son, Kai. Thanks to his genius idea, Keith will always remember his son’s childhood and in great clarity.

Anderson has been transforming his son’s drawings into tattoos that now expand up, down and around his right arm. When Kai was 5-years old, Anderson first started what would soon become an annual tradition. Today, Kai is 11-years-old and Anderson’s arm is full of awesome drawings representing the different years.

“The first one was the daisy- I had it tattooed when he was in kindergarten. Then we went back and did his name and the house from when he was 4,” Anderson told Chance Faulkner, the photographer who interviewed and photographed Anderson in these images.

Keith Anderson describes himself on Twitter as a “Dad, climber, adventurer and student. And I love bikes.” He also really loves his son, who is permanently inked on his arm, and heart, forever!

Every year, Keith Anderson picks a drawing from his son’s collection and tattoos it on his arm.


Over the years three different tattoo artists have recreated the drawings on Anderson’s right arm. Including one in Boulder, Colorado, one in Chatham, and most recently his friend Tedd in Peterborough.

This cute orange seahorse was drawn by Kai when he was 6-years-old.


Kai was 10 when he drew this robot, which now forever guards his father’s forearm.


Anderson doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He says, “We will keep going until he doesn’t want to do it anymore. At this pace he is still very excited about it, so we’ll keep going.” Perhaps if he has another kid he will tattoo their drawings on his left arm, I guess he always has legs he can use as canvas space too.


When Kai was 7 he drew this patriotic maple leaf with a C for Canada


It’s not everyday you meet someone who tattoos original artwork by kids. Anderson says it is incredibly fun, although he is the only person he knows of that does it. But after Anderson’s tattoos have gone viral this trend just might catch on.

The colorful stained glass tattoo pictured below is one of Keith’s favorite tattoos of all. It was drawn by Kai when he was 8-years-old.


For Christmas, Kai gave his dad a card with a drawing of a sword inside. At the time of his interview with Chance Faulkner it was hung up on the fridge and Keith was pretty sure that sword would be his ink selection for 2014. “People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures.”

Kai drew this lovely yellow house when he was only 4, as well as his name signed below.


Since his son was 5, Anderson has been drawing a different tattoo from his son’s original artwork every year. The only year they skipped was when Kai was 9. “The 9 year old one we skipped because he wanted to change the drawing a little bit.”


The tattoo that started it all! The first drawing Anderson transformed into a tattoo was this flower drawn by Kai in kindergarten.



Kai is now old enough to get in on the action too. His father said, “Recently, my son was there with me and he did some of the tattooing himself. He loves it.” What an awesome family tradition!



Keith Anderson is one terrific dad! See more Awesome Dads Winning At Fatherhood.

Photo Credit: chancefaulknerphotography.comTwitter