29 Cute Cats Who Use Dogs As Pillows


Dogs and cats are supposed to be age-old rivals, but when raised together these two breeds often become best friends. When cats and dogs do comingle it’s clear who the boss is: the cat, of course!

The cats on this list know they are all that and a sack of catnip, which is exactly why they demand the dog of the house provide the perfect soft pillow for them to slumber atop. We are glad these dogs are sweet enough to oblige, after all cats using dogs as pillows make such cute pictures.

1. Bunk Bed Buddies

These two are almost the same size! Maybe this cat should instead try sleeping on the horses pictured in the background.


Photo Credit: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

2. Who Looks Happier?


Photo Credit: imgur

3. Criss-Cross-Applesauce

This cat looks really comfortable. The dog’s ear provides some extra cushioning.


Photo Credit: unknown

4. Little Kitty, BIG Doggy

He might not even know she’s up there!


Photo Credit: imgur

5. Hope He Doesn’t Plan To Roll Over

On second glance, it kind of looks like he already has.


Photo Credit: yummie4mytummie

6. Good Thing Dogs Love The Smell Of Butts

Something tells me this puss is a little bit of a diva!


Photo Credit: pics-search.info

7. Friends That Snuggle Together, Stay Together


Photo Credit: Gaston Enria

8. “It’s A Cat’s World, I Just Live In It”

Says what looks like the world’s biggest golden retriever.


Photo Credit: unknown

9. Matching Fur Babies


Photo Credit: matinlumineux.blogspot.com

10. Cat Wrap

This is an interesting (and rather snake-like) configuration of furry friends…


Photo Credit: imgur

11. You Can Have Whatever You Like

This dog is smitten for a gorgeous kitten!


Photo Credit: onegreenplanet.org

12. Warning: Attacks Dogs In Sleep!

I hope those kitten claws didn’t leave a mark…


Photo Credit: unknown

13. I’m Down Here!


Photo Credit: TecK415

14. Why Did My Parents Have To Bring Home These Darn Kittens?

Poor dog can’t get any sleep with these two constantly climbing all over him!


Photo Credit: Punk_rock_yorkie

15. The Best Bed In The House Has A Heart And Coat Of Gold


Photo Credit: thecitizen.gr

16. Is He Ever Going To Wake Up?


Photo Credit:  unknown

Cats can out nap anyone. In fact, the average cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours a day, making them the 10th sleepiest animal on the planet. Just in case you’re wondering, the Koala is the sleepiest of all, sleeping a total of 20-22 hours in a single day.

17. The Perfect Patio Lounge Pillow


Photo Credit: Lilleberg

18. True Pals


Photo Credit: oformi.net

19. If You Move An Inch I’ll Claw Your Throat Open, Just Watch Me



Photo Credit: Logic007

20. 2 Dog Beds Are Better Than One


Photo Credit: Kedriko

21. No Place Better Than The Back Of A Golden


Photo Credit: Wiiansym

22. This Dog Has Her Paws Full Of Kitties


Photo Credit: unknown

23. Excuse Us, Mr. Dog, We Believe This Is Our Bed!

Enjoying his last few weeks in his favorite bed before these cats get bigger and claim it as their own.


Photo Credit: images.4ever.eu

24. This Cat So Wants Me Right Meow


Photo Credit: xelawarrior

25. Where’s The Dog?

There he is!


Photo Credit: Deean Hollis

26. Meet My B**!h, She’s A Massive Husky


Photo Credit: Alexandra Deaconu

27. Kitten Has Fallen In Love And Found Her Favorite Pillow


Photo Credit: Elsa Papadakis

28. That’s One Comfy Siamese Cat

This fancy feline knows the best way to use a dog as a pillow is to dress him up with bed linens.


Photo Credit: reddit

29. And For The Grand Finale…

At last, a dog who uses a cat as a pillow!


Photo Credit: JanW

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