Cute Bookmarks With Legs Magically Bring Your Books To Life


Imagine reading a book with the actual character’s legs sticking out of the pages, as if trying to escape into the real world while you escape into their world. Creative artist Olena Mysnyk’s cute bookmarks with legs offer this exact effect.

Each one of her unique bookmarks comes with a tiny set of legs, making it look like someone, or something, is caught between the magical pages and trying to escape. When the book is closed all that you see are two cute legs sticking out to mark the page you last left off.

Mysnyk makes a wide range of bookmarks with eye-catching legs and shoes, many of which resemble the characters from your favorite books. If you’re more into fashion than fiction, she also creates some bookmarks using red-soled shoes reminiscent of the highly coveted shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Her collection also includes other options that relate to pop culture and adorable animals, basically your options are endless when it comes to cute bookmarks with legs!

Mysnyk is based in Kiev and sells her awesome bookmarks worldwide through her shop on Etsy called MyBookmark.


That’s One Pawesome Bookmark You Have There!


Quit Clowning Around


Flipper Feet


Perfect Bookmark For Fifty Shades of Grey

tiny-leg-bookmarks-olena-mysnyk-9There are pages upon pages of options available so you are sure to find the perfect bookmark for your next good read. Prices vary slightly depending on the detailing of each bookmark but range around $20-$25.

Arg! Pirate Legs


The Hobbit


Wizard Of Oz (Smashed by a book instead of a whole house!)


For All Of You Morbid Readers Out There


Bottoms Up!


Panda Slippers


Ice Skates


Ballerina Toes

tiny-leg-bookmarks-olena-mysnyk-7tiny-leg-bookmarks-olena-mysnyk-14Be sure and check out the rest of Olena Mysnyk’s bookmarks on her Etsy page!

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