22 Cute Babies Twining With Their Toy Dolls


Toy makers create baby dolls to look just like real babies, and they do a pretty good job at it judging by these pictures. Little kids love caring for their little dollies, and sometimes the two look just alike!

As a child there’s nothing quite like your very own baby doll, there’s just something about the smell of its glossy-coated skin, the adorable little clothes it wears, and the silent friendship it provides. As a kid I had tons of little dolls, ranging to include basic Cabbage Patch Dolls to more high-tech baby doll toys, like one in particular that used the bathroom after you fed it.

Dressed up to look like a real baby or made of obviously cheap plastic, none of that matters when it comes to a child’s love for his or her first baby doll. The cute babies on this list don’t just love their favorite toy, but they also look just like them too!

1. Long Hair, Don’t Care Twins

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-24__605Photo Credit: Forough Afshar

2. Learning How To Make Faces

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-29__605Photo Credit: Natali Volodko 

3. Both Aren’t Green But They Have Matching Teeth!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-8__605Photo Credit: Chow

4. Cabbage Patch Cutie-Pie Twins

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-7__605Photo Credit: spudenfinkle

5. Too Good To Be True…

(Proof baby’s learn how to make faces from their dolls.)

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-23__605Photo Credit: Isabel Montés

6. Twins Much?

Not even out of the package yet and these two are already twins!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-28__605Photo Credit: Carolina Medina

7. How Could You Say No To This Toy… They Look Like The Belong Together!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-6__605Photo Credit: peopleofawallmart.com

8. Cuddling Cuties In Orange <3

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-3__605Photo Credit: Unknown

9. Twining From Hair To Toe

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-2__605Photo Credit: Kokpala

10. Same Hair, Same Clothes, Same Smile. These Two Twins Are Stylin!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-17__605Photo Credit: Nora Ochoa

11. Adorable Girl With Her Matching Doll, Glasses On Point!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-4__605Photo Credit: Unknown

12. Gorgeous Gals!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-5__605Photo Credit: Maria Dolored Fernan 

13. The Cutest Little Pigtail Pals

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-1__605Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Just Did A Double-Take (The Eyebrows Give The Doll Away)

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-18__605Photo Credit: Kika Ruiz

15. Finally! Someone Smaller Than Me!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-10__605Photo Credit: Unknown

16. Cheese!

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-14__605Photo Credit: Gregorio Jarquin Briones

17. The Same Pretty Pout

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-31__605Photo Credit: Unknown

18. Sunny Yellow Pair Of Cuties

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-11__605Photo Credit: Jenifer Magaly Castañeda Mosquera

19. Both Sleep On Mom With Mouth Wide Open

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-30__605Photo Credit: Yurany Alvarez

20. Team Purple Princes Powers

babies-and-look-alike-dolls-25__605Photo Credit: Koshlie Maltez Mendoza

21. American Girl Doll, What’s Up?! Proof: You’re Never Too Old For Dolls

I was probably 15 before I gave away my American Girl dolls, #truelife.

image480__605Photo Credit: Liz Frisancho

22. Those Gorgeous Baby Blues

image475__605Photo Credit: Christopher Fawcett

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