Amazing Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk


What do you think of when you hear the term ‘cross-stitching’? You might imagine grannies on the sofa with knitting needles in hand, or a fun kit at a craft store for kids. But after seeing these awesome cross-stitch tattoos you are sure to think of the classic past time in a completely different light.

Eva Krbdk is a talented tattoo artist working in Ankara, Turkey. Her latest cross-stitch tattoos are taking the tattoo community by storm simply because they are so awesome and unique. Her clever designs look like a mix between pixel art and the popular folk art they are named after, creating something truly one-of-a-kind.

Her smaller tattoos are simple and sweet. For those wanting something larger, a big enough canvass of skin allows Krbdk to create something so impressive it defies all words. Krbdk uses a vast assortment of designs and colors to keep each of her tattoos looking like a distinct masterpiece.

Cross-stitch tattoos are not the only talent this artist has in store. Check out her Instagram to see all kinds of tattoo styles by Krbdk.

cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-8Flowers, fox, elephants, and even Marilyn Monroe, there’s nothing this artist can’t make into the perfect tattoo largely using tiny little X’s. From sweet and feminine to masculine and tough, this body art knows no boundaries.

cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-6cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-4cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-3cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-14cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-5cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-2cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-13cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-9cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-7Photo Credits: daftart.comInstagram (h/t: Bored Panda)

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