Meet A Hilarious Guy Who Crochets Food Hats To Make New Friends


Phil Ferguson lives in Melbourne where he enjoys making drinks and crocheting stuff, but this awesome dude doesn’t just crochet hilarious food hats, his hat designs are actually really good. This hat-foodie has some serious talent when it comes to crocheting your favorite dishes into hats.

You might not want to wear a plate of spaghetti and meatballs or a huge taco on your head (except on Halloween) but Phil Ferguson is more than happy to wear his own creations everyday of the year. In fact, he crochets food hats as a way to make new friends, an idea he happened upon after moving to a new city where he didn’t know many people. A unique approach, but he’s certainly made a lot of new friends since!

His Instagram, where he very appropriately goes by ChiliPhilly, is full of his awesome hat collection. He looks great wearing them all. While they might not look all that suited for everyday wear, he has massed over 62,000 followers who are down with his uniquely delicious style.


Often confused and rarely smiling, Phil’s unique choice of facial expressions for his Instagram photos makes his crochet hats that much more amusing!

funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-81Phil started off small, his first hat was a full head cowl without any foodie elements at all (it’s his first post ever on Instagram). Since then his food hats have flourished with his growing crochet talents.

funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-71Who you calling a pizza face? Phil has made multiple pizza hats, as he enjoys playing around with different ingredients for toppings.


The interview requests have been pouring in and Phil is now considering opening his own shop to sell his awesome food hats. Just think, one day you could transform your head into a big ol’ chicken leg!funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-51funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-101funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-91funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-111funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-71funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-61funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-41funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-110funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-141funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-151funny-crochet-food-hats-phil-ferguson-131

Watch the funny Aussie being interviewed about his crochet food hats that have transformed into a serious sensation:

Photo Credits: Instagram

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