Creepy Realistic Cake Art By Annabel De Vetten


If eating human flesh sounds more delicious than a chocolate sundae you’re going to love desserts by Annabel De Vetten. This talented artist bakes up creepy realistic cake made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but fashioned to look like human flesh, brains, skinned pig heads, fused skulls, caskets and other unappetizing things in this world.

De Vetten’s cakes are clearly not for the faint of heart; some of them can really start to freak you out because they look so real. The Birmingham, UK-based baker is the mastermind behind Conjurer’s Kitchen, which creates amazing personalized cakes like the ones you see here.

These cakes may look like they are anything but delicious but they are in fact yummy in your tummy. De Vetten told Vice, “You get that little thrill of eating something your eyes tell you not to, but your nose and taste buds urge to devour.” There are a number of flavors and cake types to choose from when ordering your personalized edible masterpiece through Conjurer’s Kitchen. Take a look at some of her creepiest creations here, just try not to drool too much.


De Vetten seeks inspiration for her creepy realistic cakes by watching plenty of horror movies and staying connected to the alternative art scene. The secret behind her monster cakes may have something to do with her background training in fine art and taxidermy—but of course!


Conjurer’s Kitchen first opened in 2011 and has since worked with the Barbican Museum, the British Library, the shop Obscura from the TV series Oddities, and more! Many of de Vetten’s fans belong to the death-positive community, such as medical historians, funeral directors and so forth.


“German being such a descriptive language…’wake’ is literally translated to ‘corpse feast…’”



Big names like Fox have used De Vetten’s talented work for media appearances.










Anyone craving some red meat cheesecake?


Photo Credits: conjurerskitchen.comFacebook

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