Creative Kid Draws On Wall, More Creative Mom Fixes It


One creative mom turns her child’s misplaced scribbles into a detailed work of art.

How do you react when your child colors the wall with purple marker? You might scream a little, then look for a sponge or something to scrub the mess off with. How do you feel upon finding out your child used the permanent marker to make their mess. More yelling ensues and then what?

You could paint over the drawing, or you could follow in the footsteps of this creative mom. After she found her little one had scribbled up and down a wall, she decided to fight back with her own creative artwork–which is far more practiced and put together than her learning prodigy.

These pictures don’t tell you if this creative mother was ever angry at her artistic child or not, but her finished product is good enough to make the guilty toddler seem a little less incriminating.


In the close up shot above, you can actually see that the stem and base for the magical looking flower pattern comes directly from the creative toddler’s scribbles. This might be one of the most beautiful ways you can cover up something naughty your child has done.

We only wonder how many more walls within this artsy home will need the same treatment before this kid learns to stop coloring on the walls!? I suppose when you are capable of turning scribbles into lovely detailed art, you worry less about these sorts of queries.


Photo Credits: jerschneid