Creative Cat Lover Draws Hilarious Facial Expressions For His Cat


Cats are great entertainment, regardless if they want to be or not. Some cats are more patient than others. Case and point, this creative cat lover draws hilarious facial expressions for his cat, and he puts up with it puurrfectly.

This reminds me of the cat owners in Japan that give their cats hilarious anime eyes. Clearly, there are plenty of fun ways to mess with your cat on a boring Sunday afternoon.

The cat, whose owner goes by Luke_Hero on reddit, looks far from impressed. Still, this cat doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Cats pretend to be all independent and ‘too cool’, but really they just want endless attention (at least that’s the truth with my two crazy needy kitties).

This cute cat sports a pretty red flower atop his head, along with some wild facial expressions. Get ready for cuteness overload!

Happy Kitty


It’s funny how the creative cat lover draws different facial expressions, and each one almost seems to alter the cat’s entire face. Shows just how far a smile can go out in the world, even if it’s a fake smile.

Shocked Kitty


At first glance it might look like the paper facial expressions are stuffed up the cat’s nose, but if you look carefully enough you will see the paper is just perfectly cut to fit around the cat’s nose.

Bummed Kitty


Sexy Kitty


Grinning From Ear To Ear Kitty


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Photo Credits: Luke Hero