19 Most Creative Bookshelves You’ve Ever Seen


I don’t care how popular e-books and kindles are, I will always prefer to read a real book. There’s just something about the smell of a real book, the feeling the cover photo evokes, as well as the texture of each page, which is always just slightly different. This book-lover prefers the real thing, and as a result I have more than one bookshelf in my home.

If you love books as much as I do, get ready to want every single bookshelf on this list. These are the most unique and creative bookshelves, and while some are more practical than others each will leave you wondering—why haven’t I thought of this before?!

1. A Cozy Chair And Bookcase All In One… HEAVEN!

creative-bookshelf-25__700Photo Credit: etsy.com

2. Tree Bookshelf

creative-bookshelves-107__700Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Treat Your Favorite Books Like Fine Art, Framed Bookshelf

creative-bookshelf-4__700Photo Credit: Mark Taylor

4. Like Magic Invisible Bookshelf

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-42__700Photo Credit: Amazon

5. The Wall Of Books

creative-bookshelves-106__700Photo Credit: Unknown

6. USA Bookshelf Complete With Every State!

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-24__700Photo Credit: Andrei Saltykov

7. Fancy Built-In Bookshelves With Backlighting

XX-Creative-Bookshelves__700Photo Credit: tembolat.com

8. A Staircase Full Of Stories

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-33__700Photo credit: Levitate Architects

9. Old Piano Repurposed Into Bookshelf

creative-bookshelf-211__700Photo Credit: Unknown

10. Flower Power Bookshelf

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-27__700Photo Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

11. Hamster Book Wheel

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-49__700Photo Credit: David Garcia

12. The First Bookshelf Made For Both Books AND Cats

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-47__700Photo Credit: Corentin Dombrecht

13. Doctor Who Bookcase

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-28__700Photo Credit: bowtiesandginghamshirts.tumblr.com

14. Whimsical Tree

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-25__700Photo Credit: Unknown

15. Modern Lamp With Space For Books

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-20__700Photo Credit: tembolat.com

16. Awesome Dome Bookshelf

creative-bookshelfs-122__700Photo Credit: Anagrama

17. Batman Fans Rejoice!

creative-bookshelf-18__700Photo Credit: Fahmi Sani

18. Balance Bookshelf

creative-bookshelf-8__700Photo Credit: etsy.com

19. Bookworm

creative-bookshelf-design-ideas-43__700Photo Credit: Atelier 010

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